Building Cleaning Services

We provide External façade  building cleaning and jet washing using rope access/cradle/scaffolding/boom lift method.

ACP panel maintenance (External facade Maintenance)

We provide ACP panel maintenance, supply and installation using Rope Access Method.

Building glass replacement

We doing Building glass replacement and maintenance using Rope Access

Light installation

We providing Light installation and Maintenance using Rope Access Method

Water leakage rectification

We do best solution for Water leakage rectification and sealant replacement

Building Facade Integrity Inspection

Building ACP panels, Marbles and façade glasses integrity inspection using Rope access method.

Spike installation

We doing Spike installation using rope access method for Pigeon /Birds control.

Painting Service

We do Structural Painting using Rope access method

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial/ Residential kitchens.

Water Tank Cleaning

We wash and clean the interior of water tanks.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning is the process of removing grease waste and other food particles from the unit.

Internal cleaning

Cleans, sanitises and freshens carpets, fabric upholstery, leather and plastics etc.

Marble polishing

Marble polishing is a process that combines the use of chemical products and abrasive equipment a professional granite and marble polishing machine called “sander” with increasingly finer-grained discs.

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